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Millicent Tracey

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As a financial services executive with 20+ yrs of experience, I advise on digital payments transformation. With experience also in legal & tax, I advise on governance, compliance & risk management and advise companies on how to ensure these are key components of any successful Go-To-Market strategy.

My passion is advising companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, on delivering solutions where fintech (financial services technology) & digital payments are a critical part of their business strategy. I have experience leading strategic growth initiatives, advising on digital payments transformations and designing and delivering innovative technology solutions. I understand cyber and financial fraud risks and have developed risk mitigation strategies for digital payments products.

My other passion lies in ESG and advising on how companies can enhance their ESG programs so that they can become long-term successful businesses that are sustainable environmentally, socially and financially. I currently advise several female-led businesses as well as participate on the ESG committee of the Virtual Advisory Board, providing a resource to CEOs and businesses on their ESG initiatives.

The voice of the customer is a key component of a successful Go-To-Market strategy. I’m a huge proponent of Clay Christensen’s “Jobs To Be Done” Theory of Innovation that says the success of any product, digital or other, is determined by whether or not the product will be hired to do a job. As a key leader that has launched Customer Advisory Boards at a Fortune 50 company and smaller companies, I provide guidance on how to incorporate the voice of the customer into the business strategy to help identify those jobs for product innovation.

As a board member and advisor, I provide critical guidance to increase the success and valuation of the companies I guide. I advise several female-led fintech companies, provide deal flow to fintech-focused VC funds, and actively participate on Finance & Audit committees.