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Elizabeth Spears

Managing Partner

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Elizabeth Spears is an AI technology executive that has led the productization of a series of multi-layer, compute-intensive software service platforms, usually pioneering the product management function in her companies. She began her career while still in college, as an engineer and product leader at Alelo, which developed a social simulation, a rich-media learning platform for culture and language training utilizing early machine learning. Her product helped US troops perform more effectively when deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. E.B. similarly built and led the product function at Bottlenose, where she simultaneously transformed the usability, scalability, and data diversity of the Nerve Center real-time streaming data ingestion, comprehension, and analytics platform for enterprise and set the product context for the 20MM B Round funding.

As a product consultant, she led collaborative innovation teams at Google, Adidas, and others, and later joined Distillery Tech, a design and development agency, to launch their startup & enterprise products development division, leading the product, UI and UX teams. As at Sixgill, E.B. has productized nascent AI & computer vision technologies to a very high functional and usability standard, creating the products that put her companies into revenue and sustainable funding.